Whale watching

Whale watching is included within our daily lunchtime and sunset cruises during the humpback whale migratory season from July to October. We work closely with other charter vessels to ensure our guests have the best chance of seeing humpback whales as they visit the islands during their migratory season. The length of our cruises (3 hours) also allows a greater possibilty of a sighting.

You will be given a full introduction to our ‘Cook Island’ whales and some fascinating facts on their habits and activities while in this island group, conducted by our experienced crew.

In addition we will also give tips on how best to spot the whales - and off we will go, taking full account of our speed and position to ensure that the whales are not approached too closely! This is particularly important as humpback whales use Rarotonga as their breeding and birthing grounds.

We have had many exciting encounters with the whales during our years on the water but we always remind our guests that whales are wild creatures with a vast expanse of ocean to swim in. As such we cannot guarantee a sighting every trip - although it does make it so much more exciting when this does happen! We use the VHF to track sightings and will head towards appropriate areas in our cruising ground to try and gain sight of these magnificent creatures in their natural environment.

If you are keen to learn more, we highly recommend a visit to the Whale Centre, situated on the backroad behind Avarua, which has a fascinating set of artefacts and information about whales from days of whaling to the present. They also have live coconut crabs - wonderful prehistoric looking land crabs which are rarely seen as they have been found to be so tasty by Pacific Islanders over the years and are unfortunately near extinction.

Cruises depart daily from Avatiu Harbour – sit back, relax and enjoy exploring the outer reefs of Rarotonga and see spectacular views of the island from the ocean.

Whale Cruise – departs 1:30pm until 4:30pm